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Part I and Part II:

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May 24, 2020 Colorado Guidelines for Easing Restrictions on Restaurants

Colorado Public Health Order: Safer At Home: Order 20-28

(See Sections: Findings #2, II(A-C), III(N),  Appendix F (2, 4), 

Local Health Departments 

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Employee Illness Reporting (Illness Tracker)

How to assess employees who are ill or who may have been exposed to illness

Reminder/Educational Posters for Employees and Customers

Colorado Restaurant Association Resources

HR and Payroll Planning Assistance

Colorado Department of Labor Resources for Employers and Employees

CDC Guidance for Restaurants and Grocery Stores

OSHA COVID-19 Resources

FDA Best Practices for Retail Food Operations

ADA and EEOC information:


*“The ADA requires that any mandatory medical test of employees be "job related and consistent withbusiness necessity." Applying this standard to the current circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers are allowed to take steps to determine if employees entering the workplace have COVID-19 because an individual with the virus will pose a direct threat to the health of others.”

Mental Health Webinar: National Restaurant Association

Customer Mask Use Suggestions