Food Safety Audits and Analysis



The Guidance You Need



A single set or series of independent food safety audits can be conducted by the highly qualified staff of Denver based CloudBreak Advisory. We will conduct a pseudo-regulatory inspection following the applicable regulations, providing you the opportunity to shadow us and gain an understanding of the regulatory requirements and offer suggestions that are specific to your internal procedures and processes. We will also teach you the skills to conduct your own food safety audits, empowering you and your employees to incorporate food safety knowledge  and hold each other accountable to a high level of regulatory compliance, even when you, CloudBreak, or an inspector is not there.


CloudBreak offers food safety education on topics ranging from food temperature control, cooking temperatures, cooling procedures, hand washing, glove use, dish washing, employee illness, thermometer calibration, pest control, chemical storage and labeling, and food source approval among many more topics that can be tailored to your needs.

As a National Restaurant Association ServSafe® Certified Instructor and Exam Proctor, CloudBreak can assist with the coordination of ServSafe® Manager certification and ServSafe® Food Handler certification, ServSafe® Manager exam proctoring, as well as translational services as desired. Click on the links above for more course details.


An analysis of your recent inspection history will be conducted as part of the consulting services to help you identify pain points where your staff may need additional food safety education, processes may need to be reconfigured, or foster discussion for additional explanation. The analysis will also show where your stand among your peers in terms of the violations your business is receiving during health inspections.

Did you know that inspections are public record? Your customers are concerned with the results of the health inspections at your facility, and these reports are easy to obtain directly from the health department. Tri-County Health Department reports that in 2017, there were over 33,000 "clicks" on the Department's online inspection look-up page. In addition, consumer services like Yelp (   are in the process for developing an algorithm that will turn the inspection violations your facility receives into an easy to read, quick glance (poor, good, excellent) health inspection "rating." Our consultation will give you the tools and knowledge to help you improve and maintain good inspection results and will help reduce potential negative exposure from local media coverage or direct consumer information access. 


CloudBreak's advisers will use their experience working in a local health department to offer a perspective that you may not have considered regarding the inspection process, expectations of inspectors, and how good dialogue with the inspector can go a long way in helping to achieve continued regulatory compliance.