Compliance Remediation

Our Background: With more than 12 years of experience in local regulatory oversight of food safety in Denver and the surrounding area with the retail, wholesale, and manufactured food industry, our consultant service can provide you with the food safety education that is needed to help your business maintain a healthy and sanitary environment that meets the expectations of your customers as well as those of the health department or other associated regulating agencies. 


Performance: Our clients rely on us to provide high-quality and detailed audit and inspection services. We bring value to our clients leveraging our experience of field inspections as well as management of facilities that are in an enforcement process. We approach the process as your business partner and strive to see the success of the organization. The core of the service is a turnkey program based on the current Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations with customization to our clients' operations.


Enhancement: Bringing an outsider's view to existing operational plans allows our clients to strengthen existing internal management oversight while building on core regulation foundations such as hand washing, glove use, food temperature control, and other sanitation practices. Our clients will enhance their approach to sanitary operations and will realize the true benefits of partnering with the health department for overall success of the business. 


Remediation Assistance: Our clients have relied on us to assist them when they have struggled with successful health inspections that may have resulted in civil penalty assessments, or threat of license suspension or revocation. CloudBreak can assist with the development and implementation of remediation plans that not only mitigate risks but also meet the needs of the business.

Given that all health inspections are public record and enforcement facilities are often highlighted on health department webpages, we have recognized the need to reduce exposure by streamlining remediation processes and assist in implementation efforts.