This planning tool has been designed as a guide for businesses to develop a reopening plan framework and includes Federal recommendations and Colorado reopening guidelines, of which the minimum requirements must be met for resumption of indoor and outdoor dining options upon the opening date set by the State of Colorado.

  • Part 1: General Food Safety Requirements
  • Part 2: Employee Training
  • Part 3: Employee Health, PPE, and Protections
  • Part 4: Customer Health
  • Part 5: Distancing
  • Part 6: Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting


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Colorado ReOpening Planning Tool

  • This planning tool DOES NOT include, or imply to constitute, any local requirements or requirements included as part of a county or municipality variance to the Colorado Safer at Home Order. The user of this tool has the sole responsibility to understand all applicable Federal recommendations and requirements, the Colorado reopening guidelines, published May 24, 2020 and any subsequent revisions, and any additional local requirements to open for dine-in service. The user will not hold CloudBreak Advisory, LLC, responsible for any damages or losses, and CloudBreak Advisory, LLC, will be fully held harmless by the user from any liabilities that could result from improper use of this tool or from execution of a plan designed through the use of this tool. This planning tool does not incorporate all operation contexts or combination of contexts and is only intended to aid in the plan development for reopening. Nor does this planning tool imply formal business advice, relationship or consultation, and should not be considered a replacement for in-person assessment or consultation. The user understands that the information used to design this planning tool is current as of May 24, 2020 and recognizes that the requirements or recommendations could change and the user shall be responsible for implementation of such changes. The user acknowledges and agrees to all the conditions above prior to proceeding to view or use the planning tool.


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