Why Public Health Matters

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Why is public health so important?

This was one of my favorite interview questions to ask candidates interviewing for an entry level environmental health inspector position. It’s great because there is no wrong answer because the field of public health is so broad and it also gives a perspective into the candidate’s understanding of the field.

Much of the work that public health does is done behind the scenes, and generally goes unrecognized by the public unless there is a public health crisis and public health officials are placed in the spotlight to help guide and reassure the community; the reason people go into the profession of public health isn’t to be recognized however, it’s to serve a common good for the community in a field that, in my experience, career professionals are passionate about. This is not to say that the work that is done is never recognized; direct recipients recipient of the services, such as immunization clinics, community health, or outbreak investigations by epidemiologists are often met with thanks. Even restaurant owners/managers have expressed their gratitude for additional food safety education during health inspections.

I am honored to have been, and continue to be, part of this important field of work. I appreciate all those who have dedicated their careers to serving others and the communities that they are part of; thank you to all of the Public Health professionals out there!

Thank you to Ashley Brooks for including my thoughts in her article for Rasmussen College!

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