Not Just Another Certification: ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification

Most Retail Food Establishments in Colorado have been required since January 1, 2019 to have at least one employee with authority to direct and control food preparation and service who is certified by an accredited program as a Food Protection Manager; it's not too late to obtain this certification!

All employees at your operation can benefit from food safety training. The ServSafe Manager training and certification caters to owners, managers, chefs, and cooks, while the ServSafe Food Handler training could benefit all staff that prepare, handle, or serve food.

The ServSafe® Manager’s Certification program is the industry’s leading food safety and training and certification program and is a key ingredient to help food service operations keep their customers and employees safe. ServSafe® training also helps you understand and identify all the food safety risks in an operation and provides you with knowledge to do your job. Additionally, the ServSafe® Manager course is an accredited program that meets the 2019 requirement in Colorado for a Food Protection Manager certification. The ServSafe® Manager course covers the following:

· The Importance of Food Safety

· Good Personal Hygiene

· Time and Temperature Control

· Preventing Cross-Contamination

· Cleaning and Sanitizing

· Safe Food Preparation

· Receiving and Storing Food

· Methods of Thawing, Cooking, Cooling and Reheating Food

· HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

· Food Safety Regulations

· Compliance with Government Regulations

· Added Professionalism

Not Just Another Certification:

The ServSafe® Food Protection Manager certification is not just another certification - not one that you'll hang on your wall or keep in a desk drawer to collect dust, or one you'll pull out to show an inspector that you completed the course. Rather, the food safety concepts and skills that you develop as a participant of the course are ones that you can continue to use throughout your career in the food industry.

The goal of the ServSafe® Manager certification course is to help you understand the causes of foodborne illness, how to overcome the challenges you face as a manager, owner, chef or cook in your operation in preventing foodborne illness, and provides you with the tools to develop sound and effective food safety policies to ensure the long-term success in good food safety practices in your operation. The food safety policies that are developed using the knowledge you've obtained through the course can be utilized to train and empower both existing and current staff so that they can function with you as a cohesive food safety team that has the ultimate goal of protecting your customers.

So prove it! Is obtaining a Food Protection Manager certification through a course like the ServSafe Manager course really worth my time and expense?

  • Short answer: Yes, it's required and can result in a violation if one is not present at the time of inspection: FDA Food Code 2013/2019 Colorado Food Code: 2-102 and 2-102.20

  • Long answer: It works! A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study suggests that the presence of a Certified Food Protection Manager, like one that can obtained through the ServSafe reduces the risk of a foodborne illness outbreak for an operation. The study also suggests that it was a distinguishing factor between restaurants that experienced a foodborne illness outbreak and those that had not. Also, the FDA's Retail Food Risk Factor Studies suggest that the presence of a Certified Food Protection Manager has a positive correlation with more effective control of certain risk factors, such as poor personal hygiene, in different facility types.

In other words, having a Certified Food Protection manager can help to reduce the risk of a foodborne illness in your operation by reducing the risk factors that can cause a foodborne illness, no matter what type of operation, large or small!

While the regulation requirement has been on the books in Colorado since January 2019, many health departments have been allowing a grace period for many operations to get up-to-speed and allow them time to get the Food Protection Manager certification. With almost half of the year gone by, that grace period for many is beginning to end in the counties up and down the Front Range, and operations may start to see the repercussions from non-compliance with the requirement - ranging from the citation of violations on the public record inspections, fines, or even refusal for operation licensing.

There is still time to get your certification - courses are in high demand because you're not the only one that has waited to complete this! CloudBreak Environmental offers at least one ServSafe Manager Certification course per month in the metro area.

Register for the next ServSafe Food Manager Certification course here to reserve your spot!

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About the Instructor:

Steven Chevalier has a Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership and General Management and is a Registered Environmental Health Specialist through the National Environmental Health Association. Additionally, he has received his certification with the National Restaurant Association as a Certified Instructor and Proctor for the ServSafe® Food Handler and ServSafe® Food Safety Manager Courses.

He has worked for a local public health agency as an Environmental Health Field Inspector, Field Supervisor, and Envrionmental Health Program Manager during his 12 year tenure with directexperience in local regulatory oversight of food safety in Denver and the surrounding area with the retail, wholesale, and manufactured food industry. His experience and knowledge can provide you with the food safety education that is needed to help your business maintain a healthy and sanitary environment that meets the expectations of your customers as well as those of the health department or other associated regulating agencies.

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