Guidance On Customer Mask Use

Given all the newly found constitutional "scholars" regarding stay at home and safe at home orders, restaurants and grocery stores may need to be prepared for customers who may not be compliant with requirements for face masks/coverings when they enter your business.

The Colorado Restaurant Association has some helpful suggestions for handling these situations:

"As mask requirements become mandated in certain cities, we’d like to share some suggestions that we have received from health officials as to how you can be compliant if you run across customers who refuse to comply.  

First, be polite (as you always are with guests) and understand that there are various reasons that customers may not feel comfortable wearing a mask:  concerns over racial discrimination, health concerns (being able to breathe) and social/religious values.  It is suggested that you politely let the non-compliant guest know that the law now requires that masks be worn when entering businesses. Express to them that you are concerned about getting in trouble with the law and have an obligation to keep your staff and other customers safe. Then politely ask that they adhere to social distancing guidelines while in your establishment and that they please wear a mask next time they enter your business. You do NOT need to refuse service, but, as always, you are allowed to refuse them service if you wish (think…no shoes, no shirt, no mask, no service).  Find some information regarding racism and mask wearing that may be helpful here".

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