Employees of Critical Businesses Must Now Wear Masks While on the Job

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

From the Colorado Restaurant Association: The State Public Health Order that requires employees of critical businesses to wear face coverings while on the job went into effect this morning at 6 a.m. -- you should now be in compliance. You can read the order here and in Spanish here. The order is effective through May 17.

Masks can be medical or non-medical, but must cover the employee's nose and mouth. Workers who prepare or handle food that will be made available to the public for purchase, such as restaurant or grocery store workers, must wear a face covering while performing tasks involving food preparation and handling.

Additionally, all employees of critical businesses who come into contact with customers or goods should wear gloves, if gloves are provided by their employer. In the case of the restaurant industry, employees should wear gloves as normally required by the Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations.

We recommend you provide masks for your employees. Required uniform items that wouldn’t regularly exist in an employee’s wardrobe (e.g. a shirt with your restaurant logo) need to be provided to employees free of charge. However, you are allowed to suggest a cloth face-covering and suggest ways employees can make them at home.

The Colorado Restaurant Association has resources for buying masks in the health + wellness tab of their business directory, which is located here.

Los Dos Potrillos also passed along a video showing how to make masks out of items you might already have in your restaurant. See the video here.  

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