With the global pandemic, food safety training and education is more important than ever for your management team and employees as well as for your customer confidence in the safety of your operation. As Colorado food businesses reopen to dine-in service, the time is NOW to complete this required certification training!

Colorado now REQUIRES all Retail Food Establishments like restaurants, some convenience stores, and grocery stores to have at least one person on staff with a Food Protection Manager Certification from and ANSI accredited organization.

As your trusted and proven food safety education provider, CloudBreak Environmental is excited to offer a 100% online, ANSI accredited, Colorado Approved, Certified Food Protection Manager training course and certification exam through the Always Food Safe Company!

Register Here: Over 15% off the online course and exam through June 2020! 

What's Included:

  • 100% Online Training, presented by Always Food Safe: Takes between 4 and 8 hours. 

  • Remote Proctored Online Exams Available - Can be taken at home or in the office.

  • Includes exam proctor fee - this can be a hidden charge with other services that you don't find out until you take the exam!

  • Up to 90 days to take the course and exam! Complete the course on YOUR schedule!

  • Watch the course as many times as you need to prepare for the exam!

  • ANSI Accredited and Colorado Approved!

  • The EXACT SAME certification offered by ServSafe, StateFoodSafety, 360 Training and other ANSI accredited services.

Register Here for 15% off through June 30, 2020

Always Food Safe is an ANSI accredited, specialist web-based e-learning provider for the food service sectors.


The Benefits

Always Food Safe has pioneered the use of fully video-based online training systems, to provide the learner with a far more interactive and enjoyable learning experience. Uniquely, the courses are filmed in catering kitchens and provide curriculum-based learning linked to “real life” situations.This means that our course is 100% online and can be completed around your lifestyle!

Register Here for 15% off through June 30, 2020 ISTER NO

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Colorado finalized their guidelines and minimum requirements for restaurants yesterday to resume dine-in options for either indoor or outdoor service!

As restaurants anxiously wait for tomorrow, the date and the green-light to reopen from the State, they must juggle the mountain of planning and preparation tasks that must take place to reopen in a safe and compliant way for customers and employees.

To help restaurants organize the required health and sanitation activities, CloudBreak Environmental has developed a planning tool designed to help guide businesses wanting to resume dine-in operations with an easy-to-use guide that pulls state requirements, Federal guidelines, and a host of useful resources into one place, helping to speed up the process of getting the operation back online and in compliance in a safe way. ReOepning Planning Tool

This is an important time for businesses to earn customer trust that may have been lost or reduced during this uncertain period. More than ever, customers will scrutinize your sanitation/disinfection processes, health procedures for both themselves and your employees, and will be looking at the cleanliness of your business. If they find cues that allow them to think otherwise, you risk the chance of losing a long-term customer. Confidence in your plan will show through to your customers as well as through your employees. If you need some guidance putting all the pieces together so you can focus on your other business needs and would like a desk review of your reopening plan, or an in-person assessment of your reopening plan before you open to customers, contact us at schevalier@cloudbreakadv.com.

Don't forget your Employer/Employee relationship responsibilities! If your business needs a recall to work letter for your staff, please do contact my great partner, Rebecca Berry from HotSchedules Powered By Fourth: Rebecca.Berry@fourth.com

She can support all your rehiring and onboarding needs as well as assist with employee handbooks and payroll that will need to be revamped prior to opening to protect your employees and business.

We're in this together, all trying to achieve some sense of normalcy during these uncertain and unusual times; even with a change in the appearance of your restaurant due to social distancing requirements and capacity limits, your business can be seen as a comfort to your customer and employee families and community and we're here to be a resource for your along the way!

What a great day! Focusing on the businesses like 5280 Burger Bar Westminster that have the respect for customers, community, and their employees to reopen safely!

5280 Burger Bar Westminster is doing an exceptional job preparing and planning to ensure that when the time comes to reopen in Colorado, they’ll be ready to take care of their customers in an inviting atmosphere!

Thank you for allowing REBECCA BERRY and myself in to showcase all the time and energy you are pouring in to doing things the right way!

Nicole Fierro- what exceptional reporting you did to show how much care businesses are putting into reopening safely for all of us to make sure that together, Colorado can stay open for the long-term! Fantastic!

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